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The Whinyarchy* Mansplainer


But why weren’t you outraged when a MAN was a victim of not the same thing at all? This guy also thinks apples = oranges = bananas, because everything is ultimately about the banana.  

For example, re Ray Rice: 

@minalh where was your fake outrage when Jay Z was attacked in a elevator ? Feminist bullshit.

— Jason killa P (@killabeez357)
September 9, 2014

*Whinyarchy coined by @minalh.

I fucking LOVE this tumblr

3 years ago today (shortly before my bestie guirr April took this photo), my boo boo Ryan — my bestie squirr, classmate, backup singer, unofficially adopted family — survived a brain aneurysm that nearly took him away from us. I am grateful for every single moment with him, and so very glad every day that I still get to sing with him and see his smiling face (and occasionally crash on his couch drunk). I love you, squeeaahh! Happy brainiversary!!

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